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Fireclay, High Alumina and Allied Refractories
.. MHD/HHD Bricks:

These are general-purpose firebricks made from selected grades of calcined fire clay and fired to suit the customer’s application.

fireclay bricks


Superduty bricks are made from a combination of superior grades of calcined clays and calcined kaoline. Brands such as MCL 42SD and MCLS are very pure, low porosity bricks with exceptional hot strength suggested for glass regenerator and iron making applications.

high alumina



This is by far the most versatile range of high alumina refractory shapes in Maithan’s portfolio. Extra pure dense grades with very high mullite content are ideal solutions for glass plant, Blast furnace Stove and stack and other demanding applications where as MCL SILL is the economical low iron alternative for applications upto 1700°C.


Bauxite Based Bricks:

Manufactured from calcined indigenous/imported bauxite, these bricks are the most economical solution in their alumina class. Especially noteworthy are the 70% and 80% class which proven their mettle in steel ladles and cement rotary kilns.

Mullite – Corundum:high temperature tunnel kiln

In the 70-90% alumina class, dense products for application such as lime calcination, aluminum melting furnace, sponge iron rotary kilns and re-heating furnace bottoms are manufactured with a blend of brown and white alumina synthetic grains. These products are distinguished by their excellent abrasion resistance, high cold and hot strength and volume stability.


Initially developed for Maithan’s 1800°c tunnel kiln, MCL COR99 has given trouble free service in firing temperatures above 1750°c. With further refinements, this product is now offered for secondary reformers, carbon black and ceramic industries.

special products

Zircon and Zircon-mullite

High purity zircon, fused AZS grains and stabilized Zirconia are among the inputs for a range of high performance Zircon (upto 67% ZrO2 content) and Zircon Mullite refractories. The entire range of bonded ZrO2 containing refractories have been indigenously developed and are distinguished by their excellent alkali resistance in regenerator and melter applications in glass plants. Blocks and tiles can also be supplied in these qualities.

Alumina – SiC - Carbon Bricks:

Designed and indigenously developed by Maithan, this class of refractories is an integral part of Maithan’s ladle management solution. These are ideally suitable for wear zones in steel ladles such as impact pads, metal zone (bottom rings) etc.

Silicon Carbide

Using high purity SiC grains, Maithan manufactures SiC refractory fired in reducing atmospheres. Due to its high conductivity, corrosion and spalling resistance it is preferred for versatile applications such as kiln furniture in ceramic industries, reduction cells for aluminium melting and coal fired boilers and Ferroalloys Industry.

Alumina chrome

Alumina chrome bricks have been developed for extreme applications such as LRF metal zones, waste incineration, copper and zinc manufacture. Based on such inputs as fused alumina and chromic oxide, these products display very high resistance to molten metal, slag and fluxes.