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Basic Refractories

Special Magcarbon

battery of pressesThe SPECIAL MAG CARBON series of resin bonded magnesia carbon bricks is a blend of high crystal size seawater magnesia, fused magnesia and high purity graphite flakes. These are suitable for use in the vulnerable areas of EOF, EAF/EBT, VAD/LRF/AOD. These products outperform others due to their excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, resistance to spalling and high hot strength.

Oxidation Resistant Magcarbon

Maithan offers the ‘R’ series of magnesia carbon refractories suitable for use in the areas where the prime criteria for selection is good oxidation resistance. These are manufactured with the addition of multi-antioxidants and special attention is paid to the control of particle size. This series is suggested for use in EOF tuyere surroundings, converter lancing, UHP/EBT/EAF hot spots and slag line, VAD/LRF slag line and bottom.

magnesia carbon

Dense Magcarbon

This is an economical range of products for use in non-vulnerable areas of converters, EBT/EAF and LRF slag line. These bricks outperform fired products due to their non wetting characteristic. These can be supplied in metal clad quality also.

Slag/Metal Line Magcarbon

The ‘SSL’ and ‘ML’ range of resin bonded low cost magnesia carbon refractories are suitable for use in steel ladles and bottom except impact areas. These products display high non-wetting characteristic and resistance to metal erosion.

Alumina Magnesia Carbon

Entirely developed through indigenous research, Alumina Magnesia Carbon refractories are tailor made for specific LF/LRF/VAD/VD applications. Due to their unique chemistry they restrict joint openings in service and act as a monolithic lining thereby restricting metal penetration. Its unique chemistry imparts high pyroplasticity to the refractory thereby making it an ideal solution for ladle impact areas. Today AMC bricks are an integral part of Maithan’s ladle management solutions.


This range of fired and chemically bonded magnesite bricks is suitable for use in backup applications of EAF, LD converter, steel ladle and can be supplied with or without steel clad.

Dense Magnesite

Normal dense fired magnesite bricks up to 92% MgO are supplied for utilities such as EAF sub hearth and working lining, hot metal mixer wear out lining and converter back up.

Low Iron Magnesite

basic burnt

With the increased focus on fuel efficiency in glassmaking and increase in furnace life necessitated by economy, the use of high purity magnesite bricks in glass regenerator has become universal. Maithan offers the MGIS range of low iron high purity Magnesite bricks manufactured with high grade Sea water and sintered natural magnesia. These refractories are distinguished by their high density and resistance to alkali, sulphur, silica carry over and fume attack. Solutions based on this range can be tailor made depending on the cost economics, capacity and life expectancy of a glass furnace.

Magnesite Chrome

Conventional and dense fired conventional Magnesia chrome bricks are offered for utilities such as steel ladle, LRF, AOD, VOD, EAF/EOF for back up and working lining applications.

Chrome Magnesite

In this range Maithan offers general purpose varieties for back up application, reheating furnace and other non ferrous industries.

Direct Bonded Magnesite Chrome

The DBMC range is based on high grade magnesite chrome co-sinter and fired at a very high temperature. These are very good corrosion, erosion and thermal shock resistant bricks suitable for application in Copper Smelters, Lead & Zinc Furnaces, AOD working lining and other Non Ferrous applications.

Magnesia Alumina Spinel

The MGAL range is specifically designed for chrome free rotary cement and Lime kiln. These are manufactured from very high grade sintered magnesia and electrofused spinel and are capable of a high coatability in service.