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General purpose castablescalcination plant

The MAC CRETE range of conventional castables is suitable for moderate and high heat duty applications. These are calcium aluminate bonded refractory concrete for application in temperatures upto 1400° c. These can be either vibration cast or poured. The grading of these products is formulated such that they can be gunned if required.

High alumina High purity Conventional Castables

The MACHEAT range of high alumina conventional castables is made with aluminus aggregate and high purity high alumina refractory cement. These are suitable for use in critical applications upto 1800° c. They exhibit high volume stability, good thermal shock resistance and excellent hot strength. These castables are installed by both vibration and hand placement.

Low Cement Castablescastables

The MACVIB range of low cement castables are available in 45% to 90% Al2O3 content. They are made with aluminus and mullite aggregates and high purity high alumina cement. These are suitable for extreme service conditions and have application temperatures upto 1800° c. These products are distinguished by their high volume stability, low porosity, better corrosion and erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance and excellent hot strength. Installation of these castables is by vibration only.

Large aggregate Low cement castables

Maithan also manufactures large aggregate (upto 10mm) based low cement castables. They exhibit excellent volume stability, spalling resistance and high temperature mechanical properties. Application of these castables is recommended in severe service conditions where the thickness exceeds 75mm. The castables are most suitably installed by vibration casting.

Self flow castables

The MACFLOW range is a set of tailor made self flow castables. Depending on the end use, these could be either silicate bonded or alumina bonded. This range is available in a wide range of alumina content. Their installation is recommended by pouring against the form work. Extreme purity of the bond system and easy placement make them highly acceptable for various applications.

Insulating castables

The MACLITE range of insulating castables is based on high purity insulating grog manufactured in-house. The service temperature goes upto 1800° c for bubble alumina based 95% Al2O3 castable and bulk densities achieved are as low as 500 gms/dm3. This prolific range of castables find use as both hot face and backup refractory lining.


precast burner blocks

The process of supplying precast shapes starts with a close interaction of our technical staff with the customers to understand their operational and design requirements. These shapes are designed around specialized castable formulations, each developed by the research and development group for specific conditions. The shapes are cast in a modern precast shop which has the capability to process shapes from 2 kgs to 1000 kgs. The experts in this shop are responsible for the development of innovative techniques in piece and mould design, forming, curing and drying. Maithan possesses a hot floor and chamber drier and firing capability upto 1700° c for large shapes. For more intricate shapes which require embedded steel or mating framework, a vendor base of high quality refractory steel fabrication manufacturers is in place.

Maithan’s precast shapes have found wide acceptance in the steel, foundry, glass and carbon black industries as a technically superior alternative for conventional products. Successful precast products include ladle wear pads, seating and well blocks for steel, bottom blocks and feeder channels for glass, and burner blocks.


Fireclay gunning mixes

Fireclay gunning mixes are dense products similar to conventional fireclay castables designed around our calcium aluminate cement and calcined aggregate. These are formulated for speedy application, cold or hot gunning and very low rebound losses. MACGUN range of mixes find use in cement preheaters, incinerators, boilers and blast furnaces.

High Alumina gunning mixes

This range of products is formulated with high purity calcium aluminates and synthetic refractory aggregates. They are characterized by a high refractoriness, good abrasion and corrosion resistance and high volume stability. These products can be applied through hot or cold gunning. This range finds application in steel ladles, LRF, EAF, petrochemical and fertilizer plants.

Basic gunning mixmortars and plastics

MCL GUN95 is a highly successful gunning mix for EOF hot repair. This product was initially developed as an import substitute but it has outperformed established and expensive imports in the same application in all the existing EOFs in India. Further this material is a multi-utility monolithic which can be used as a ramming mass if need arises.


High Alumina ramming masses

Maithan manufactures a wide range of air and ceramic setting ramming masses. On setting, these products form a dense monolithic mass displaying strong resistance to molten metal and high volume stability. An indigenously developed import substitute, MCL COREMAG SP-DRM has found increasing acceptability for non-ferrous melting via the induction furnace route. Alumina ramming masses find application in induction furnaces, EAF roofs, burner blocks and aluminum melting furnaces.

Zircon/Zircon Mullite ramming masses

For glass melter sub paving and hot and cold repairs, Maithan manufactures high purity Zircon based ramming masses. These are manufactured using fused AZS grains and zircon grog. These products are designed to sinter at a relatively low temperature and provide a high degree of alkali resistance at elevated temperatures.

Basic ramming masses

The wide range of basic ramming masses are produced using a blend of indigenous DBM and imported fused/sea water magnesia. Basic ramming masses find acceptance in coreless induction furnaces, EAF hearth, cold and hot steel launders.


The PLASTOCAST range of Fireclay and High alumina refractory plastics is an indigenously developed product suitable for economical and emergency repairs. Maithan has shipped a substantial tonnage of this product to leading steel plants in the past year. The plastics are shipped in slices to be rammed into place without any further processing.


To complement its range of shaped products, Maithan manufactures compatible heat and air setting mortars. The mortar lineup ranges from the economical fireclay mortar to premium high purity zircon, mullite and magnesite mortars. Mortars are designed to have comparable volume stability to the shaped products and form a strong bond with the bricks until otherwise desired.

FILLING MASSESbasic monolithics

It is an unshaped product with a highly controlled granulation used for filling EBT taphole. This is manufactured using a blend of imported and indigenous DBM.


It is a specialized product for taphole repair for BOF. This is made with a selected blend of high purity fused/sea water magnesia.


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